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Jim Harbaugh Monday press conference recap

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What did Harbaugh have to say? We got you covered!

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Days Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Game week is here! To kick things off, Jim Harbaugh had his weekly Monday press conference with the media. While Harbaugh didn’t provide much insight into how the roster looks, he did give some interesting answers during the session.

Starting Quarterback and Roster

“People make a big deal about our roster and not announcing our starting quarterback. I have not seen the starting quarterback come out of Florida. Never any mention of that. Very interesting.”

“We’d like to have that information from them (Florida). I’m sure they’d like to have it from us. Right now, neither is giving that information.”

Harbaugh also said that a plan has been formulated and communicated to the quarterbacks in regards to who will be the starter/when they will announce.

Offensive Line

Mentioned he’s pleased with the starting five and that they’re in a good place. Said the group has been focused, “not that much joking around”.

Defensive Line

Said the starting group has been decided, but the depth chart has not been fully solidified.


Spoke of Lavert Hill, and that he’s been extremely good. The other starting spot is down to Brandon Watson and David Long.


A typical Harbaugh press conference, but the cornerback information is new and sheds light on the depth chart there. Also, his comments about how Florida has not announced a starting quarterback are interesting, as Michigan has received ire for not announcing one, yet Florida has came away unscathed for the same secrecy.

What Harbaugh didn’t mention or divulge will be known soon enough, we are just days away from Michigan football being played again.