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Jim McElwain throws shade at Harbaugh, gives Michigan more bulletin board material

McEwlain pokes the bear yet again. How is this going to work out for him?

NCAA Football: Outback Bowl-Florida vs Iowa Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We’re only days away from Michigan facing Florida at Cowboys Stadium. A big game to start the season off will significant damper the playoff aspirations of one team. Even with huge stakes on the line, two teams can have mutual respect for one another, but Florida coach Jim McElwain is doing everything in his power to make sure these teams are full fledged enemies before Saturday.

A couple weeks ago at a pep-rally, McElwain told the crowd “We’re headed to Dallas here in a couple weeks to go beat the heck out of Michigan.” Later that week McElwain said he hadn’t gotten into preparation for the Michigan game yet, which is an odd statement, considering extensive prep time should be given going into the game to look at Michigan’s schematics. You don’t need to know a roster to prep for Harbaugh’s schematics, or Don Brown’s.

Enter today, where McElwain further voiced some disdain for Michigan, this time a direct shot at Jim Harbaugh. When asked about Harbaugh’s “antics” during his first couple seasons at Michigan, McElwain didn’t hold back how he truly feels.

Anthony Broome eluded to the fact it’s not wise poking the bear, yet McElwain continues doing just that. Harbaugh always has done a great job of limiting outside distractions, but this comment, along with McElwain’s other ones, provide bulletin board material that can motivate Michigan more than they already are.

Harbaugh has a track record of turning comments like this into not only a victory on the field for his team, but a convincing win that leaves the other team battered and bruised. Expect Michigan to play a little faster, hit a little harder, and be more focused. All because of the opposing head coach throwing shade at their university and head coach multiple times in the span of less than three weeks.

McEwlain claims Harbaugh needed to do something to be relevant, but that assertion is off-base. As Harbaugh had his pick of any NFL head coaching job he wanted after he left the San Francisco 49ers, where he went to the NFC Championship game three of four seasons there. Harbaugh stayed relevant by choosing to coach his alma-mater, the most winning football program in collegiate history. The only thing Harbaugh has needed to do to stay relevant is be himself and win. Harbaugh does both.