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Tuesday Morning Brews: The Preview

Game Week, Game Week, Game Week

Michigan Football Spring Game Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

IT’S GAME WEEK, FOLKS! Sorry, got a little excited there. It is game week, and the clock is ticking down to 3:30PM EDT on Saturday. Today’s Brews will be a little different. We here at MnB have a great slate of content to bring you all during football season, and I’m excited about it. This morning I’m going to be teeing up some of that content so you guys know what’s coming, starting later today.

This off-season we game planned the crap out of football season coverage. Seriously, we have charts.* Alright, not that chart - but we do have charts. Our goal is to provide seamless coverage from Monday to Sunday, recapping the game that was and previewing the game coming next. This will include reaction, it will include stats, it will include analysis, it will include keys to the game, it will include interviews with opposing team blogs, it will get the point.

Shortly after games conclude we’ll have recap pieces, often from MnB writers who observed the game from the press box. We’ll also have a game balls feature, where we’ll highlight the key contributors from that day’s game. Moving into the next week we’ll look at other B1G results and how they impact Michigan, recruiting updates from the games of Michigan commits, and highlights of Harbaugh’s Monday press conferences. Toward the middle of the week we’ll preview Michigan’s next opponent, talk to writers from that team’s blogs to get their insight, and highlight games other than Michigan that you might want to keep your eye on.

All of this, plus what Nick told you about yesterday, will be in addition to our usual recruiting coverage, podcasts, and - yes - Morning Brews that we already do. With the rate we’ll be cranking out content, the site will be updated often - so maybe check back a couple more times per day so you don’t miss anything. We’re doing all of this for you, our readers. If you like something, tell us about it in the comments to that story. If you don’t like something, do the same thing. We’re aiming to bring MnB to the next level, and that starts with you.

*I know it’s Tuesday, but if you can get that song reference without Googling, post down in the comments.

The first step in this improved coverage was our position preview series, which has been published one position group at a time over the past couple weeks. Just in case you missed any, I’ve listed them below. While you’re perusing, check out the hype video released by the University above.

Warde Manuel might not be the most well-known member of the Michigan Athletic Department, but don’t let that shape your view of Manuel’s work. Following Dave Brandon, Michigan needed a stabilizing force in the athletic department. First, that was Jim Hackett. A consummate professional who righted the ship and hired Jim Harbaugh. But Hackett wasn’t a long-term solution, and he made that clear when he took the job. University President Mark Schlissel set out to find his man, and he did just that in multi-time Michigan alum Warde Manuel.

On the search for a permanent AD, Schlissel has said, “We looked at outstanding candidates with experience at some of the most successful programs from all around the country. The decision to select Warde, however, was one of the easiest I’ve made since I’ve been here.” Schlissel particularly identified Manuel’s commitment to academics, competition at the highest level, and a memorable and positive experience for fans as why he was the perfect fit for Michigan. For more on Manuel, his background, and what brought him back to Michigan, check out the link above.