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Jim Harbaugh has a new podcast show, and it might be pretty good

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Watch out Paul Finebaum, Jim Harbaugh is about to take over the world of sports media

Michigan Signing of the Stars Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Jim Harbaugh has hit the big time! In the world of media. It has been announced that Harbaugh will have his own podcast, called Attack Each Day: The Harbaugh’s Podcast. It begins on September 5th, commencing the launch of PodcastOne sports. The show will join other PodcastOne programs, including The Rich Eisen Show, and The Dan Patrick Show.

Joining Harbaugh on air will be members of his family, including his brother/Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, his father Jack Harbaugh, and other friends & family members. Michigan Football Director of Communications & Operations, J.T. Rogan, will also be on the show. Rogan was a standout running back for Harbaugh at the University of San Diego, and is a former reporter for the Pac-12 Network.

Jack Harbaugh will be as entertaining as they come on air, sharing life lessons, and telling stories such as this about Muhammad Ali.

There will be a segment on the show called “Who’s Got It Better Than Us? Nooo-body!”, where coaches and celebrities will come on to chat. The show will also tackle philosophical subjects that coincide with attacking each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

Expect many A-list guests to appear on the show. Harbaugh has a lot of friends, and they’ll be happy to come on his program. It’s safe to say many Michigan fans will be checking in, and beyond the fan-base, the show should garner national intrigue. Harbaugh always does.

Yet another way for Harbaugh to get his message out to recruits and beyond, letting the world know who he really is, what makes him tick. To have a platform as this can allow Harbaugh to talk about anything he so pleases. It should be interesting to see the topics of discussion on a given week.