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Michigan is ranked #9 in Preseason Coaches Poll

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Michigan is ranked high, but is it high enough to satisfy?

Wisconsin v Michigan

It is that time of year, teams are practicing, position battles are being won, and now we have our first preseason poll, the Amway/USA Today Coaches Poll. Michigan comes in at No. 9, while Ohio State is ranked second. Other Big Ten teams to make the list are Penn State at No. 6, and Wisconsin at No. 10. Michigan’s week one opponent, Florida, is No. 16 on the list. Alabama is number one.

The rankings don’t mean a whole lot before a game is even played, but there’s certainly enough to talk about. Although Penn State won the Big Ten, Michigan smoked them 49-10 in 2016, so the Nittany Lions ranking higher than Michigan will leave a sour taste in the mouths of Wolverines fans. The same goes for fans of Clemson, who demolished Ohio State 31-0, yet are ranked below the Buckeyes at No. 5.

The rankings will ultimately be decided by what happens on the field, but for now, what are your thoughts about the rankings? Check out the full list here.