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Victors Valiant Episode 4: Big House BBQ, Michigan/MSU hoops schedule, and more

A little Michigan football and basketball talk to get you by on this wonderful Friday morning

Big Ten Basketball Tournament - Championship Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Happy August, everyone, and welcome to the fourth episode of the Victors Valiant podcast.

I do not speak for Kullen and Andy when I say this, but I believe this is our best podcast to date. No technical difficulties, great conversation and overall good content (at least I think so).

In today’s episode, we recap the BBQ at the Big House and the recruits who committed to U-M, and one big-time recruit that ended up recruiting elsewhere.

We also talk Michigan/MSU hoops. The official Big 10 schedule was released, and the rivals only play one time this season. Andy has since written a column on the matter, which can be read by clicking here.

Finally, when going to a Michigan football game, what time do we prefer kickoff to be? I make a case for the unpopular choice (but the oh so right choice).

Comment below on any of the topics above; I’d love to have a conversation with some of you guys. Thanks for supporting the podcast and, as always, Go Blue!