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Breakdown of every Wilton Speight pass versus Cincinnati

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We give you the full account of Speight’s day

Cincinnati v Michigan

Too whom much is given, much is tested. The quarterback position brings the highest amounts of praise and criticism in the world of football. For Michigan Wolverines quarterback Wilton Speight, he has received a sizable amount of both sides of the spectrum.

To make any fair evaluation, a study of film is necessary. I dissected Speight’s performance (every throw) against Cincinnati. It wasn’t a BAD day for Speight, but it could have been better. Even Speight admits that, as he said afterwords his footwork needs to get better.

Breakdown of every Wilton Speight pass

First Quarter

Throw 1: Swing pass to the left side is caught by Tarik Black for no gain.

Throw 2: Finds Kekoa Crawford on 3rd & 9. An accurate post-pattern throw, the play moves the chains and gains 14 yards.

Throw 3: On the very next play, Speight take a deep shot, and finds a wide open Kekoa Crawford in the endzone. Touchdown Wolverines. Speight planted his feet well and fired a strong and accurate pass that led his receiver to the promise land.

Throw 4: One yard completion to Tarik Black on 3rd & 8, on a shallow cross. Accurate throw, but with defenders looming near, there’s not a chance this throw would translate into a first down.

Throw 5: Speight delivers a high throw to Donovan Peoples-Jones. A wide open Jones was running a crossing pattern. Speight had time to deliver this on target, but airmailed him.

Throw 6: Grant Perry runs an inside slant and Speight finds him. The ball is delivered on time and to the exact area it should be thrown. The play gains 18 yards.

Second Quarter

Throw 7: It’s 2nd & Goal, Speight throws a short pass to Sean McKeon. The ball is way over McKeon’s head, and tight coverage was on him.

Throw 8: 3rd & Goal now, Speight has time in the pocket and space to fit a touchdown throw in to Grant Perry, but the ball sails high and out of bounds not giving him a shot to make a catch. Michigan has to kick a field goal.

Throw 9: The pocket collapses and Speight has to maneuver around numerous defenders coming at him. Somehow he’s able to evade them all and throws a first down pass to Grant Perry.

Throw 10: Speight finds Tarik Black on a curl route right at the first down marker but Michigan is a half yard short of the first down and has to punt. It was a well timed throw nonetheless.

Throw 11: Short post throw to Zach Gentry is completed and picks up five yards.

Throw 12: A seven yard completion to Sean McKeon allows for a manageable third down play.

Throw 13: On the next play, Speight throw a low-ball to Grant Perry. Michigan challenges the play, but the ruling on the field stands, it is an incompletion and Michigan has to punt.

Third Quarter

Throw 14: Bootleg pass finds Tyrone Wheatley Jr. for seven yards.

Throw 15: Pass intender for Peoples-Jones over ten yards down the field, but way over his head. The pass actually hits the hands of the cornerback. Speight had time to set and fire a strike. He missed the strike zone.

Throw 16: On a third down throw, Speight’s pass isn’t anywhere near Sean McKeon, landing far to the right of him. Michigan has to punt, giving the Bearcats a chance to tie or take the lead, as the score is now 17-14 Michigan.

Throw 17: It’s 2nd & 16, and Speight doesn’t go through his progressions while there is a clean pocket, settling for a quick check-down to Kekoa Crawford for 6 yards.

Throw 18: On 3rd & 10, the play design calls for a quick short throw to Tarik Black. The play is snuffed out from the start, and goes for a loss of one.

Throw 19: On an apparent non-call for holding by the Bearcats, Speight’s pass lands incomplete after targeting Tarik Black on a curl route.

Throw 20: Zach Gentry is open in the middle of the field on a crossing pattern and Speight hits him in stride, allowing Gentry to pick up a gain of 36 yards.

Throw 21: Speight hits Sean Mckeon for a quick gainer 6 yards.

Throw 22: Tarik Black is double-covered deep down field, and Speight tries to fit the ball into the middle of the defenders. The ball lands incomplete and a little out of reach for Black, and the defenders. A dangerous throw to make.

Throw 23: Grant Perry runs a quick slant to the right, and he’s wide open. Speight’s throw is too high and should have been thrown lower while hitting him in stride. The pass is caught by Perry nonetheless, as he makes a great and quick adjustment to catch it. Perry sheds a couple tackles and dives into the endzone for a touchdown. A 33 yard touchdown pass.

Fourth Quarter

Throw 24: A short throw by Speight is incomplete, intended for Karan Higdon.

Throw 25: The pocket breaks down on third down, Speight evades the pass-rusher by sliding left, and throws low to Zach Gentry. The pass hits Gentry’s hands but falls incomplete. This was a good throw by Speight, a nice job of handling the pass rush and finding an open man.

Throw 26: Speight fakes an end around and throws deep left down the sideline. The pass is underthrown and batted down. If he threw it deeper, it would have likely been a touchdown to Khalid Hill.

Throw 27: The pocket is in shambles and Speight has to run to his right. A difficult throw is made to Kekoa Crawford, but sails out of bounds.

Throw 28: It’s 4th & 8, Michigan decides to go for it. Crawford is open along the right hash-mark 12 yards down the field, Speight hits him on the money and the play goes for a gain of 20 yards.

Throw 29: A check-down pass to Grant Perry is completed for two yards.


In all, Speight was 17-29 for 221 yard and 2 touchdowns.

Speight said he would be watching the game film multiple times, and he will find what was stated above to be a fairly accurate depiction of his day on the gridiron. His day was not bad, but there were throws that he didn’t hit accurately today that would bite him against better opponents.

We will see if Speight improves on the mechanical issues that are in his way of becoming great. Michigan plays Air Force next week.