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Siri trolls Ohio State again with response to “who owns Ohio Stadium?”

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Siri has an interesting response any Michigan or Oklahoma fan would enjoy

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Ohio State Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

After Ohio State stumbled in the College Football Playoff losing to Clemson 31-0 last year, Siri had an interesting response when asked about Michael Jordan retiring.

Well, Siri is at it again; this time relating to Oklahoma’s win last weekend in Columbus. After knocking off the Buckeyes, Baker Mayfield planted the OU flag in the middle of the block O, later apologized for it, and then called into the Rich Eisen show to talk about the whole experience. Now, it appears he is being recognized in a different way for his performance on Saturday.

This may not be the only Apple news today, but it certainly is the most likely to bring a smile to the face of the Boomer Sooner and Wolverine faithful. We don’t know how long this will last, so ask Siri for yourself while you still can.