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Jim Harbaugh buys “Hard Work Is Undefeated” shirts for football team

Harbaugh liked the message

NCAA Football: Michigan at Maryland Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

“Attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.”

“Better today than yesterday, better tomorrow than today.”

Those are just a couple quotes Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh uses to inspire his football team. Harbaugh found another quote that instills the mantra of dedication, and found it from someone in the Michigan family.

The quote: “Hard Work Is Undefeated”

Kurt Taylor Sr., the father of Michigan freshman running back Kurt Taylor, has been saying that quote for much of his life. It now truly is his quote, as Taylor Sr. trademarked the slogan.

Harbaugh liked the quote, and purchased shirts of the phrase for the Michigan football team and staff:

Taylor Sr. is responsible for making these shirts, which are gaining popularity in Ann Arbor. Many fans can be seen wearing them. They’re catching on.

Taylor Sr. is proud and excited, telling Maize ‘N’ Brew how much this means to him:

Hard Work Is Undefeated is a slogan that has meaning and purpose. Hard work cannot be denied. The state of Michigan believes in hard work. The history of Michigan football is built on hard work. I am truly honored to have Coach Harbaugh and the Michigan football team wear my t-shirt. I have so much respect for Coach Harbaugh and his vision for the football program. Michigan is my favorite football team in the world. I visualize one day the team winning the Big Ten Championship and 115,000 fans wearing my shirts, screaming out loud ‘Hard Work Is Undefeated’.”

I was able to snag one from Taylor Sr. after the Cincinnati game:

We’ll see if both Michigan and hard work remain undefeated in 2017.