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Play The House: Another slow day for Wilton Speight awaits

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NCAA Football: Cincinnati at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Hello! Welcome to another week of Play The House. Let’s get right to it!

Michigan Wolverines: Pass offense

Wilton Speight: 209 passing yards

John O’Korn: 14 passing yards

Tarik Black: 57 receiving yards

Kekoa Crawford: 54 receiving yards

Grant Perry: 37 receiving yards

Sean McKeon: 23 receiving yards

Donovan Peoples-Jones: 19 receiving yards

Nick Eubanks: 11 receiving yards

Tyrone Wheatley: 9 receiving yards

Chris Evans: 9 receiving yards

Khalid Hill: 4 receiving yards

Notable zeroes: Brandon Peters, Ty Isaac, Karan Higdon, Zach Gentry, Eddie McDoom

Michigan Wolverines: Run offense

Ty Isaac: 116 rushing yards

Donovan Peoples-Jones: 57 rushing yards

Chris Evans: 43 rushing yards

Karan Higdon: 16 rushing yards

Eddie McDoom: 9 rushing yards

Khalid Hill: 4 rushing yards

Wilton Speight: -8 rushing yards

Notable zeroes: Kareem Walker, O’Maury Samuels, Henry Poggi, Tru Wilson, Kurt Taylor

Scores & totals

Michigan pass offense: 223 passing yards

Michigan run offense: 237 rushing yards

Michigan total offense: 460 total yards

Air Force pass offense: 101 passing yards

Air Force run offense: 142 rushing yards

Air Force total offense: 243 total yards

Michigan: 31 points

Air Force: 16 points

Remember: please include your username in with your three guesses. For the rules, visit here. Thanks, and good luck.