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‘Play The House’ results: House goes bankrupt on points, players cruise

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Well!! If I was a banker, I would currently be on the streets - after allowing 78 points in Week 1 and -362 in Week 2, the House produced 1,141 points for the players in Week 3. Pheeeww. Let’s get right to it, shall we? Here are the results from this past week:

Well done, all. You got me this week. :-)

Here are the updated season-long standings:

Also, I promised you all an in-depth look at the stats from our first three weeks. First, let’s look at this by group.

Overall: 857 points, 432 guesses, average of 1.98 points per guess

Passing: -786 points, 46 guesses, average of -17.1 points per guess

Rushing: 3,503 points, 129 guesses, average of 27.2 points per guess

Receiving: -3,483 points, 181 guesses, average of -19.2 points per guess

Total offense: 477 points, 20 guesses, average of 23.9 points per guess

Total points: 299 points, 18 guesses, average of 16.6 points per guess

Total pass offense: 77 points, 15 guesses, average of 5.1 points per guess

Total run offense: 770 points, 23 guesses, average of 33.5 points per guess

The House has done well in the receiving and passing categories, getting 4,269 points combined. But everything else has been good for the players, particularly the rushing department.

At the bottom, you might notice that the House has struggled to accurately peg total run offense for both Michigan and its opponents through three games. Guesses in that department have yielded an average of 33.5 points for players.

As for individual Michigan players, I’ve put everything into another spreadsheet. This isn’t complete - for rushing and receiving, it only includes the 7 most common recipients of your guesses.

Alright, hopefully this gives you as much data (and probably more) as you feel you need. Fair warning, though - I will also be adapting and trying to fine-tune my predictions as we go. As always, good luck. Until next week - and a shout-out to vicdsouza and SaskMnB for a perfect week this week.