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Behind the Scenes: Jim Harbaugh’s trusted agent, J.T. Rogan

An important piece of the Michigan staff

Hawaii v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

For a coach with as much name-recognition as Jim Harbaugh, a lot of people and events call for his attention. To concentrate on winning football games and handling off-field endeavors at the same time, a trusted agent is needed. That man is Michigan football Director of Communications and Operations, J.T. Rogan.

ESPN put together a highly interesting breakdown (click here) of what a day looks like for Rogan, Harbaugh’s record shattering running back at the University of San Diego in the mid 2000’s.

No day is the same for Rogan in regards to his task agenda. He starts the work day around 7:30 AM, and the grinding ensues.

Running errands, opening Harbaugh’s mail, meeting with representatives of Fathead, coordinating VIP visitors for Michigan home games, are just a few of the tasks Rogan had the day ESPN was with him. And ESPN wasn’t even there the entire day. Busy eh?

If you think Rogan’s job sounds awesome, you’d be right. If you think it sounds difficult, you’d also be correct.

Rogan is also the host that keeps things moving on the new Attack Each Day: The Harbaugh’s Podcast.

It appears Rogan has earned the title of trusted agent by Jim Harbaugh with hard work and sweat. There aren’t many better titles to be had.