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Purdue receiver says Boilermakers will beat Michigan

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Uh oh. Bulletin board material for Michigan yet again.

NCAA Football: Louisville vs Purdue Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

It’s good to be confident, but too much confidence can be dangerous, ask the Florida Gators. Purdue Boilermakers receiver Gregory Phillips may learn this the hard way on Saturday.

Phillips told ESPN that Purdue will beat Michigan

It would indeed be a surprise if Purdue beat Michigan. While Purdue is improved, and their offense is light years better than what they were a year ago, they aren’t expected to win this homecoming match-up.

Florida coach Jim McElwain and various players made disparaging comments about Michigan in the days and weeks before the season opener and it didn’t work out for them too well.

Phillips comment doesn’t fall into the category of trash-talk, but it does fall into the category of bulletin board material for Michigan to use. The Wolverines team, especially the defense, has shown that they play even better when they are challenged in any way.

One thing is for sure, Phillips better have a good game if he’s going to make big victory predictions.


It appears Khaleke Hudson caught wind of Phillips’ comment: