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Breakdown of every John O’Korn pass against Purdue

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Great play from the quarterback position

Michigan v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Michigan Wolverines quarterback Wilton Speight left the game against Purdue with an injury, and backup John O’Korn came in and led the team to victory.

This was a hostile crowd and a fired up Purdue team. O’Korn passed his test swimmingly. Great footwork, getting the ball out quickly, diagnosing reads decisively, accurate passes, throws on a line, necessary mobility, O’Korn really did it all.

On the day O’Korn was 18-26 for 270 yards with one touchdown and one interception.

Breakdown of every John O’Korn throw

Throw 1: Completion to Nate Schoenle for fourteen yards on a comeback route. Footwork looks good, drives the ball.

Throw 2: Bootleg pass to Henry Poggi. O’Korn evades a rush and gets a ball with zip out to the flat. An accurate throw with pressure in his face. He got popped on the play.

Throw 3: On play action, O’Korn finds a wide open Sean McKeon who’s sitting in the middle of the field. The throw nets 13 yards.

Throw 4: It’s 3rd & 9, McKeon is in the flat open and O’Korn find him quickly, the play goes for 11 yards.

Throw 5: Zach Gentry is sprinting to the sideline, and O’Korn hits him in stride, Gentry has the angle to the corner of the end-zone and takes it in for a touchdown. O’Korn is now 5-5.

Throw 6: It’s 3rd and 11, O’Korn throws it go Grant Perry. It appears the defender hit Perry a milli-second before the ball arrives, thus Perry is not able to catch it, the ball goes off his hands and way up into the air. The pass winds up being an interception.

Throw 7: It’s third down again. Grant Perry has his man beat deep and O’Korn drops a ball in to an area where the safety can’t get to it. Unfortunately for Michigan, the pass is off the finger tips of Perry. Not a bad pass.

Throw 8: A quick receiver screen to Kekoa Crawford picks up 7. Well timed.

Throw 9: With nine seconds left in the half O’Korn throws a deep ball to Donovan Peoples-Jones. It’s an excellent throw but the defender gets a hand in on the pass and it falls incomplete.

Throw 10: On the last play of the half, O’Korn somehow ducks a Purdue defender and finds an open Chris Evans. The play picks up 24 yards but that half is now over with Michigan trailing 10-7.

Throw 11: The first play of the second half is an accurate pass to Nate Schoenle that picks up fifteen yards.

Throw 12: O’Korn throws deep left to Kekoa Crawford. It’s a 50/50 ball that falls harmlessly to the ground. The throw had juice on it.

Throw 13: McKeon is found along the sideline, the play should have been a first down but he’s not able to keep his balance.

Throw 14: It’s third down and Grant Perry is open on a post, but the timing on the play isn’t good. Perry doesn’t run full speed once he is open, he actually slows down, which makes this play look like an overthrow off Perry’s hands, but this is on Perry... if he runs with maximum effort the entire route it’s a complete pass. O’Korn threw the ball where it needed to be. Michigan has to punt.

Throw 15: A well designed screen is dialed up to Karan Higdon. It’s a first down but on his way to the ground, Higdon fumbles and Purdue recovers it.

Throw 16: On the following drive, O’Korn hits his first pass to Zach Gentry for a gain of 12.

Throw 17: Zach Gentry is open at the first down marker but drops an easy catch. The throw was right into his bread basket.

Throw 18: It’s third down and it looks like O’Korn is going to take a huge sack for a loss, but he somehow shakes him lose, scrambles while keeping his eyes down the field and hits Grant Perry for 12 yards. This was a huge play, NFL caliber play by O’Korn here.

Throw 19: A stiff blitz up the middle produces a defender wrapping up O’Korns legs, and he makes an ill-advised pass, throwing a lob pass in the middle of the field where it could have been picked off if a defender was a little closer.

Throw 20: O’Korn makes another down-field throw that is on the money, hitting McKeon in stride. The play picks up 30 yards. His deep and intermediate accuracy has been stellar this game.

Throw 21: He lets a pass sail on him deep left. The result is an incompletion, but it gets Nick Eubanks popped on the play. It was a dangerous pass with too many defenders looming near. A bullet is dodged.

Throw 22: A 4 yard pass to Chris Evans is completed.

Throw 23: O’Korn scrambles to his right and buys time for someone to get open, and that man is Grant Perry. Yet another good throw by O’Korn which nets Michigan 23 yards. Excellent vision on the move here, keeping his eyes down-field.

Throw 24 : On 3rd down and 8 with Michigan driving, O’Korn finds Donovan Peoples-Jones. The pass nets a first down.

Throw 25: A second and long situation ends up not being a problem, a strike to McKeon for 23 yards.

Throw 26: A defender is coming at O’Korn fast and furiously, but he remains calm and collected, firing a difficult pass to Zach Gentry. The hit on O’Korn is a roughing the passer penalty.