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‘Play The House’ results: Another great week, Purdue offense falters

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NCAA Football: Michigan at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports


What the heck, guys. Picking me apart from many angles here. Well done.

So, let me get some congratulations out of the way, since this may take a while - nine players enjoyed a perfect week this week, including ZtMaizeNBlue, who was already #1 in the season-long points race; vicdsouza, who was perfect for the second straight week; 1971, who jumped into the top 5 this week; therudewind, who was tied for first place after Week 1 but struggled against Cincinnati and has regained his mojo; EZGoBluePrague, who’s been hard-charging after a Week 1 stumble of his own; and jlc_wolverine, Hockey Town, and At800Mev, all three of whom are in only their second week of the game.

All told: this week amounted to 2,471 points, far surpassing last week’s 1,141 and putting me in the hole by 3,328. Another great game by the players; another terrible day by the House.

Here are the standings for the season-long race:

Everybody’s looking at you, ZtMaizeNBlue. Well done so far.