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Jim Harbaugh week 4 Monday press conference recap

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Here’s what Jim said

Air Force v Michigan

A short time ago Jim Harbaugh had his Monday press conference. Harbaugh addressed the visiting team locker room conditions at Purdue, John O’Korn, Wilton Speight, and more.

Jim Harbaugh Press Conference Recap (9-25-17)

  • Prefers Noon or 1 PM kickoff times, appeals to his football sensibilities
  • On John O’Korn “very good with his mechanics. rhythm was very good” “he played a very good football game in all respects” “fundamentally sound”
  • On Wilton Speight: “He is a very tough guy. Very hopeful that he’ll be back soon.”
  • Said Chase Winovich is playing like J.J. Watt and had his best game ever
  • Mentioned how well secondary is playing, but with little fanfare
  • Talked at length about the visiting locker room conditions at Purdue. Harbaugh said the conditions were unsafe and unsanitary. CLICK HERE for video of the comments.
  • Not completely ruling out return of Tarik Black
  • “Don Brown’s mood is good, I’m good”
  • Told reporters (jokingly) to use google to see how long it takes to come back from Black’s injury
  • Said the hit to Wilton Speight was egregious