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WATCH: Jim Harbaugh blasts away team locker room conditions at Purdue

Harbaugh has a big issue with how Purdue does things.

Michigan v Michigan State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

“It looks like it’s from the 20’s.” Jim Harbaugh said, in reference to the locker room conditions for the away team at Purdue. I wrote a piece yesterday about the conditions, which I experienced myself. Jim Harbaugh is correct.

Kudos to Angelique for the video, and she later clarified this was not a rant from Harbaugh, it was him addressing a serious issue at length.

The temperature was over 90 degrees Saturday afternoon, and inside the locker room it felt well over 100. Harbaugh called the conditions inside it unsafe and unsanitary, too small, and unsportsmanlike.

Harbaugh feels there should be a set of standards for the Big Ten in which every locker room has proper heating and cooling, as well as an efficient medical area. Wilton Speight had to travel by mini-van off-site to get his X-Ray done.

At Urban Meyer’s press conference, he agreed this issue needs to be addressed, saying the Big Ten needs a better standard.

Read my experience of the locker room here. Harbaugh is not exaggerating in any way, shape, or form.