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National analysts respond to Harbaugh’s calls for player safety with request for two-deep

Some prominent football commentators offer questionable takes on Harbaugh’s statement about facilities at Purdue

NCAA Football: Michigan at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Shortly after Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh expressed his concern about player safety and the conditions over the weekend at Purdue, national analysts took their opinions to Twitter.

First, it was Brett McMurphy.

A couple hours later, Tim Brando of Fox Sports chimed in.

What’s troubling here is that national football commentators appear to be equating player safety with not publishing a two-deep. Yes, what Harbaugh is doing by not releasing a two-deep makes the jobs of sportswriters and broadcasters a little harder. But having to do some more preparation before broadcasting a Michigan game simply doesn’t compare to the health and safety of student athletes. There has already been at least one college player to pass away this season from heat-related causes.

After Harbaugh’s comments this morning, Purdue released a statement in response.

It should also be noted that not all national analysts are jumping on Harbaugh this afternoon. Big Ten Network’s Howard Griffith took to Twitter to express his agreement with Harbaugh’s concerns. ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit also expressed concern about how often facilities are updated.

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