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Jim Harbaugh Labor Day press conference recap

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We take a look at what Jim Harbaugh had to say

Michigan Football Spring Game Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

It may be Labor Day, but Jim Harbaugh doesn’t have the day off. He held his weekly Monday press conference and made some interesting comments about the football team.

What Harbaugh said:

  • Ty Issac was the offensive player of the week and he played brilliantly. Very elusive runner.
  • Said Chase Winovich motor, speed, strength, and gung-ho attitude are why he’s successful.
  • Michigan offense: Did some good things, have things to work on today
  • Wilton Speight bouncing back: “I thought he did very well.” “He kept firing.”
  • Will John O’Korn playing again?: “I very much believe in John, and he will be used again, play again.”
  • Offensive Line: Says both Ben Bedeson and Michael Onwenu are both ascending. The offensive line is more athletic this year.
  • Said the tackling by offensive players on the interception returns was atrocious, “chomping at the bit to go address that.
  • “I want this to be a season of increases. For our offense, our defense, our special teams.”
  • Said tight end run blocking is another area of improvement needed. Also said they’re a talented group of guys, physical. Mentioned Zach Gentry has come a long way blocking. “Has the license and ability to be just phenomenal.” Called all five tight ends talented and said played well.
  • Thought Devin Bush Jr. stood out. Played well sideline to sideline.
  • The best he’s seen the defense play getting to the football.
  • “Don Brown had an excellent game plan. Changed it up.”
  • Really good shape health-wise coming out of the game.
  • Said Quinn Nordin has a great leg. Gives the whole unit credit for the success Nordin had. Likes Nordin’s mental makeup, “I think he responds to the moment, to the pressure.”