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Jim Harbaugh’s new podcast is out today, and it’s worth the listen

Jim’s brother and dad, John and Jack, join him on the inaugural Attack Each Day podcast

NCAA Football: Florida at Michigan Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Whether you are a fan of Jim Harbaugh or not, you more than likely think, at the very least, he is an interesting guy. And he definitely showcases how interesting he is in the first episode of his brand new podcast.

“Attack Each Day: The Harbaugh’s Podcast” is hosted by Jim and J.T. Rogan, a player of Jim’s during his tenure at the University of San Diego.

According to the podcast’s description, “the podcast will welcome friends, family, coaches and celebrities to talk about ‘Who's Got It Better Than Us? Nooo-body!’”

On the inaugural episode, Jim and J.T. welcome Jim’s father, Jack, and his brother, John, head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. Jim, Jack and J.T. recollect stories from their days at the University of San Diego. They also talk about the Michigan/Florida game from this past weekend.

John comes on the podcast and the stories and recollection continues, including being on the edge of his seat with his father watching the Michigan/Minnesota game in 2015.

One story that stood out to me was early in the podcast when Jim was telling a story from his days at Stanford. He and his team were preparing for the Orange Bowl in 2010 on the campus of Stanford. He watched an HBO special on Vince Lombardi “two and a half times,” the night before one of the practices.

“I go out the second day to practice and I was being Vince Lombardi,” Jim said. “I’m doing the hand gestures and all the stuff I’d seen the night before. Andrew Luck pulls me off to the side and says ‘coach, we all watched the HBO special last night on Vince Lombardi and we know you’re trying to be like Vince Lombardi right now.’”

That’s just one of the funny moments from the podcast, and there are plenty more in the hour-long show. If you have time today to listen to it, I would recommend it.

You can listen to the podcast here: