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Play The House: Michigan will run the ball heavily against Cincinnati

Photo credit: Chris Cook, MGoBlog

Hello! Thanks for a terrific first week of ‘Play The House.’ To review the rules for you first-timers, visit here.

I must also extend my apologies - I meant to find time this week to review the Week 1 spreadsheet thoroughly to make certain I had no other transcription errors, but I have not had the time. I will do that before Monday. There was also an issue with a vaguely worded email from last week - I decided to give the benefit of the doubt for that one player, but I must ask you all to be specific going forward about which stats you’re placing your guesses on, or else I won’t be able to be so kind in future weeks. I’ll make sure to email you before Saturday if I have any questions.

I have also decided how to handle our year-long race to accumulating the most points, so carefully review this part before we get to the fun stuff. Over the first ten games, players who receive a negative score in any given week will not lose any points in their season-long accumulation. Instead, they will get a ‘zero’ for that week - still not a desired result, but not something that could make them abandon their username and start over.

From Wisconsin onward, this protection will get taken away. So the tail end of the season will also add a level of risk and intrigue for players, as those in the lead might lose points while those in the chase make gains. So I think this will be an exciting way to encourage participation in the short term, letting you all shrug off a bad week without getting too discouraged, and add a level of intrigue late in the year.

Alright - on to the predictions:

Michigan Wolverines: Pass offense

Wilton Speight: 254 passing yards

John O’Korn: 8 passing yards

Grant Perry: 87 receiving yards

Zach Gentry: 61 receiving yards

Tarik Black: 37 receiving yards

Sean McKeon: 24 receiving yards

Kekoa Crawford: 15 receiving yards

Nick Eubanks: 11 receiving yards

Donovan Peoples-Jones: 7 receiving yards

Khalid Hill: 7 receiving yards

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr: 6 receiving yards

Eddie McDoom: 4 receiving yards

Ian Bunting: 3 receiving yards

Notable zeroes: Brandon Peters, Chris Evans, Karan Higdon, Ty Isaac, Maurice Ways, Nico Collins, Oliver Martin, & Nate Schoenle

Michigan Wolverines: Run offense

Chris Evans: 144 rushing yards

Karan Higdon: 103 rushing yards

Ty Isaac: 86 rushing yards

Kareem Walker: 17 rushing yards

Khalid Hill: 6 rushing yards

Tru Wilson: 1 rushing yard

Notable zeroes: Henry Poggi, O’Maury Samuels, Kurt Taylor, Ben Mason

Score & totals

Michigan pass offense: 262 passing yards

Michigan run offense: 355 rushing yards

Michigan total offense: 617 total yards

Cincinnati pass offense: 122 passing yards

Cincinnati run offense: -6 rushing yards

Cincinnati total offense: 116 total yards

Michigan: 63 points

Cincinnati: 3 points

Remember: please include your username in with your three guesses. Thanks, and good luck.