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Michigan OL blasts booing fans on Twitter

Grant Newsome and his teammates heard the fans, and fired back

BYU v Michigan Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Michigan didn’t always look sharp in its 36-14 win over Cincinnati, and there were a few points in the game where the fans got riled up. One Michigan player didn’t take too kindly to that.

Offensive lineman Grant Newsome took to Twitter after the contest to call out the Michigan fans who booed their home team at the Big House on Saturday:

While Michigan didn’t gain separation from Cincinnati during the first half, booing a young team that’s still learning to perform at the college level is not the best look for fans in attendance.

The boos became quite loud at one point early on in the third quarter. It is apparent some fans expectations are that of perfection more often than not when Michigan’s offense takes the field. While any fan should want to see their team have success and score, they also need to realize that it’s early on in the season and the Michigan team has a ton of youth that needs experience. Growing pains will occur, but a win is a win.