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Thursday Morning Brews: All over the place, recruiting included

This edition of Brews is brought to you by a guest host

1992 Rose Bowl: Washington Huskies v Michigan Wolverines Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

Welcome to a Trevor Woods edition of Morning Brews, filling in for ClevelandJames. He will be back next week. May Thursday be a productive one for you all.

Let’s get right to the brews.

Wolverines playing in the AFC/NFC Championship Games

Michigan will be represented in some fashion on every team playing Sunday in the NFL, a Super Bowl trip and victory for a former Wolverine will occur in 2018. The question is, what team will win the biggest prize? The house money should always be on Tom Brady as long as he’s still playing. My cat is named Brady, thought you should know.

Tom Brady will face a really tough Jacksonville Jaguars defense that plays press-man coverage and usually only rushes four defenders. That defensive concoction is a recipe that can give Brady fits every now and then. This won’t be a walk in the park for Tom and the Patriots, it’ll have to be a performance that uses adjectives such as tough, gritty, heroic if the Pats are to win.

“Who run the world? Girls!” - Beyonce

The Wolverines women’s basketball team went on the road against Ohio State and picked up an impressive victory on Tuesday night.

The team is currently No. 19 in the nation and that ranking will surely rise after beating their biggest rival. Coach Kim Barnes Arico has her team playing good defense, collecting a hefty amount of rebounds and making shots at an above average clip.

The women’s basketball squad is currently 16-4 and the only losses have come against ranked opponents (Louisville, Notre Dame, Iowa, Ohio State). At the very least, they are likely to be in the NCAA Women’s Tournament and could make a deep run if they find a way to continue beating ranked teams.

Recruiting Tid-Bits

Most of Michigan’s football coaches are on the road and recruiting fast and furiously at the moment coast to coast. It appears some offers have been handed out.

Jaylan Knighton- RB

John Metchie- WR

Jay Harbaugh explains how not to act during an airport delay

Have you ever been at an airport and experienced what Jay is describing? Cancelled flights do in fact suck, but what sucks more is the panic that ensues which forms an inescapable bad energy. Instead of bunkering down and all coming together as one through the unfortunate situation, people tend to have a dog eat dog mentality, yelling at airline employees, their own family members, and showing visible irritation towards other passengers that are in the same boat as they.

Harbaugh’s lesson is easier said than done, but I’ve experienced delays, I get over them and try to read, catch up on some work, find a way to channel my creativity in some form or fashion. Hell, you may even fall in love during a delayed flight. It’s all about perspective, man. Funny stuff, Jay. True, but funny.

Dudley Boyz Appreciation

This is how a new coach becomes a fan favorite. Al Washington and Chris Partridge are doing their best impersonations of the legendary WWE Tag Team duo The Dudley Boyz, who loved to smash people through tables and jump of ladders doing it. I believe multiple generations saw this picture and laughed their asses off, myself included. Welcome to Michigan, Mr. Washington. I hope your recruiting is as good as your sense of (cool) humor.

Song of the Day in honor of Michigan Basketball and Hockey

Michigan Men’s and Women’s basketball teams are both ranked in the top 25 and appear poised to make the NCAA Tournament, this is great news. Michigan’s hockey team has also found its groove and could make their tournament as well if they stay hot and keep on winning. Exciting times. 2018 could be a good year, even North and South Korea are getting along, uniting under one flag for the Winter Olympics.

Since these tourneys are often called “The Big Dance”, I believe our readers want to see Michigan go dancing. The song I have for you is by the guitarist extraordinaire Jeff Beck, who was in a band with Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton (The Yardbirds), and also had Rod Stewart as the singer of his band.

Get ready to have a funky Thursday, and thanks for reading/listening, this song is called ‘Come Dancing’.