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Rice grad transfer Calvin Anderson talks Tim Drevno, announces visit to U-M, and more

This would be a HUGE addition for Michigan

A grad transfer from Rice could do a whole lot to help Michigan reach big heights next season. Offensive tackle Calvin Anderson has one year left of eligibility and he’s highly sought after, More than a half dozen teams have met with the 6-6 300 lb lineman, and more will surely throw their hat in the ring.

Does Michigan have a chance? Maize ‘N’ Brew chatted with Anderson last night and he told us encouraging news on that front. According to Anderson, he will be visiting Ann Arbor next weekend.

Offensive coordinator/Offensive line coach Tim Drevno has made a positive impression on Anderson. “Drevno seems like he can really help me improve my game,” Anderson said. “We talked about their offensive scheme and what he thinks about the film of me he’s already seen. I wanted to hear from him what he thought my weaknesses were so that I could get a good gauge of where his focus would be as far as preparing me for the NFL.”

Another thing in Michigan’s favor in their hopes of landing Anderson? Their scheme. “I am liking that there’s going to be a great opportunity to run the ball, and me potentially filling that left tackle spot means I’ll be a key piece in establishing the ground and pound type of run game,” he said.

When it comes to his initial impressions of Jim Harbaugh, Anderson was a believer in the type of coach he is. “Harbaugh is a wise coach. It’s easy to extrapolate even from the limited time we’ve had together that he understands the game of football and has a vision for what things should look like. He’s a particular guy who likes things done a particular way but from what I was able to see, that particularity is rooted in an aggregate understanding of the game of football. He comes across as fun and excited, and he’s got a good sense of humor. I was honored to meet him.”

When asked if he thinks Michigan can do big things next season, Anderson believes so. “I really do. Harbaugh talked me through the positions they’re recruiting and who they already have. I have some faith in their ability for next year.”

Anderson’s visit next week will play a major factor in him playing football for U-M next season, and we will have an update for you once that visit transpires.