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Preferred walk on TE Ramsey Baty discusses skillset, Sherrone Moore

An interview with a U-M tight end recruit

Archbishop McCarthy 2018 tight end Ramsey Baty has a preferred walk on offer from the Michigan Wolverines, and the Fort Lauderdale, Florida native is excited for the opportunity to play at U-M.

The 6-5 225 recruit also has a PWO from Miami (FL), and offers from Valparaiso, Cornell, and Florida Tech.

Maize ‘n’ Brew spoke with Ramsey about his recruitment.

How he and Michigan started a relationship

“I went to their camp in the summer and began talking to coach greg Frey and they wanted to offer me a pwo but it was never confirmed. Recently he left and I wanted to see if they still had interest so I talked to Tim Drevno that extended the offer. I also planned an official visit for February 2nd. As well as talked to coach Moore.”

Thoughts on Sherrone Moore/Michigan heritage

“I think he’s gonna do an awesome job really great guy, excited to meet him in person. And I’ve always been a Michigan fan. My grandfather played at Michigan and my dad was born and raised in Ann Arbor and thought he wanted to play at Michigan until he chose Stanford. But, our family are still huge wolverine fans and I couldn’t be happier with my opportunity.”

What type of player is Baty?

“I believe I am a good route runner and will continue to get better. When it comes to blocking I take pride in it. Mentally I’m someone that really doesn’t quit. Growing up with two older brothers helped me to kind of find my resilience and toughness to want to compete at the best level and not back down.”