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Thursday Morning Brews: In a new town

Thursday Brews is looking forward to the end of the work week

NCAA Basketball: Rutgers at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thursday, folks. Welcome to Morning Brews. Today I have an eclectic collection of content to help you work for the weekend this Thursday. First up, John Beilein is still wondering about that call at the end of the Purdue game. If anyone out there has the Zapruder film for this one, send it over to the Crisler Center ASAP. We also check in with women’s basketball and wrestling.

As usual, there is a song referenced in this morning’s Brews. There are three clues this morning. Clues may be words, phrases, or photos and may reference lyrics, the title, the album, or the artist. If you think you know this morning’s song, fire away down in the comments.

Let’s get to it:

Remember the Purdue game? It seems so long ago, but it’s a game that’s sticking with John Beilein. Michigan was tied with then-No. 5 Purdue late in the game before an extended review took the ball from the Wolverines and gave it to the Boilermakers. After a foul was called after the in-bound, Purdue made the winning free throws with only a handful of seconds left in the game. Many fans question the call, and apparently Beilein does too. He recently said, “They say there’s a camera angle I couldn’t see that said it went off our guys’ hands. I have to trust the officiating crew made the right call. But, to me, it’ll be (right up there) with ‘who shot JFK.’” For the full story, check out Nick Baumgardner’s article above.

Women’s basketball #rekt Michigan State this past Tuesday, 74-48. #Rekt is something the kids say these days, right? Regardless, this one wasn’t close from the opening tip. The Wolverines led by 14 pts. after the first quarter, 14 pts. at the half, and 19 pts. after the third quarter. The final margin, 26 pts., is the largest margin of victory for the Michigan in the rivalry. Michigan was again led by Katelynn Flaherty with 26 pts. Nicole Munger had 13 pts. and Hailey Brown had 10 pts. Kim Barnes Arico’s squad is now 18-4 (7-2) on the year. They’ll be back in action this Sunday against Northwestern.

Since writing about wrestling for the first time a couple weeks back, Michigan has won two of their three matches—with both of their wins coming over ranked opponents. Back on January 12th, Michigan fell 25-12 to No. 1 Penn State, but the Wolverines bounced right back with wins over No. 21 Wisconsin (29-10) and No. 13 Minnesota (30-7). Following these two wins, Michigan finds itself ranked 7th in the latest poll. At 7-2 (4-1) on the season, the Wolverines find themselves in a log jam near the top of the conference standings. Penn State and Ohio State are both 5-0 in the conference, while Iowa is 4-1 like Michigan. The team will be traveling to Iowa to face the Hawkeyes this Saturday.

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled at the University of Michigan? Do you long to relive the glory days of your high school years and run out onto the field at The Big House? Young man, now is your time to shine. Open tryouts for the 2018 team start today, this afternoon in fact. Not many players join collegiate teams through these annual open tryouts, but I look forward to them every year. There tends to be a good story somewhere in the NCAA, like a former player who couldn’t pursue their dream out of high school due to injury or a veteran who is receiving the education they deferred to serve our country who makes it onto a team. If I come across such a story this year, I’ll be sure to put it in a future edition of the Brews.