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Michigan commit Michael Barrett will play running back

A little clarity brought to you by Maize ‘n’ Brew

Michigan v Maryland Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The Michigan Wolverines landed three star Georgia quarterback Michael Barrett last week, and since his announcement everyone has wondered what position will Barrett be playing at U-M?

When asked if Michigan plans on using Barrett at running back, he told Maize ‘n’ Brew “Yes.”

Barrett rushed for over 1,000 yards the past two seasons, so the transition should be smooth for the 5-11 215 lb recruit.

There has been speculation that Barrett could be used as a viper linebacker, but it appears for the time being he will be training and practicing as a running back until otherwise reported.

Our own Von Lozon noted there could be some similarities between Barrett and Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey. Barrett could potentially be used as a pass-catching receiver who can motion to the slot, catch screens, etc.

Barrett is an intriguing recruit and someone who could prove to be far better than his three star ranking. Part of the reason Barrett is just a three star is because teams and scouts are unsure how he will be used/what position he will play. There are ample reasons he was the Georgia 7-A Player of the Year.