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Bye Week GameThread: Who you rootin’ for?

Michigan doesn’t play, but there are still discussions to be had

NCAA Football: Michigan at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to bye week.

Some of you spend each and every Saturday watching Michigan football, and on this Saturday they won’t be playing and you don’t know what to do with yourself.

Maybe you’ll use the day to make other plans, maybe you’ll still watch football nonetheless.

If you choose to watch some games, here are the ones Michigan fans will want to keep an eye on:

  • No 2. Clemson at Florida State (12 ET)
  • No. 20 Wisconsin vs Northwestern (12 ET)
  • Michigan State vs Purdue (12 ET)
  • No. 9 Florida vs No. 7 Georgia (3:30 ET)
  • Kansas State vs No. 8 Oklahoma (3:30 ET)
  • No. 18 Iowa vs No. 17 Penn State (3:30 ET)
  • No. 3 Notre Dame vs Navy (8 ET
  • No. 6 Texas vs Oklahoma State (8 ET)

Have at it. Talk about the games today if you so please, talk about whatever you’d like.

Who are you rooting for?