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Don Brown praises Michigan defense: Best work ethic he’s ever been around

Don Brown knows a thing or two about defense.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Michigan Detroit Free Press-USA TODAY NETWORK

Michigan has been one of the best defensive units in the country ever since Don Brown arrived in Ann Arbor. He knows what it takes to be the best and the stats show how good they are currently.

Through eight games, the amount of stats they lead in is astonishing.

Don Brown shed some light on just how good this team is because he doesn’t have to push them in practice, it’s in them already, and he feeds off that.

“That didn’t surprise me”, when asked about holding Michigan State to 94 total yards because of the things they’re doing in practice.

“This team is the best practice team I’ve been around,” Brown added. “I don’t have to go out there with my hair on fire screaming at guys, you got to hustle, you got to run get to the ball.”

Brown knows what it takes to keep that momentum all season and mentioned he’s not seen a decrease in their intensity. “This team practices like they’re supposed to practice,” Brown said. “They build days upon days upon days, and you don’t even realize it, but we practice full speed everyday, it’s impressive.”

His full comments are below

This game and opponent is one that’s hasn’t sat well with Don Brown after last years result in Happy Valley. The last two years have been very lopsided with the home team winning by an average of 34 points.

2016: Michigan 49, Penn State 10

2017: Penn State 42, Michigan 13

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