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Review: FOCO’s got a few perfect Holiday gifts for Michigan Wolverines fans

Start your Christmas shopping now for Michigan apparel!

In case you weren’t aware from the crippling cold temperatures and blasts of snow throughout the last few weeks, not only is winter on its way, but also the holiday season. In recent years, the holidays have been a much-needed reprieve from painful football seasons and a way to numb the heartbreak. Things are different this year, however.

With Michigan Football on its “Revenge Tour” and in the midst of one of the most memorable seasons in program history, the Wolverines are providing a nice touch of cheer. So why not merge your holiday celebrations with your love for the program?

FOCO has an extensive catalog of gifts and ideas for that special Michigan fan in your life and were gracious enough to send along some samples of what they have to offer. The first is my favorite, and that is a build-able replica of Michigan Stadium.

  • It’s approximately 2780 pieces in total. I haven’t had time to build it myself just yet, but it’s going to be quite the project.
  • Includes decals for various stadium features and is as close to the real thing as a build-able model can be.
  • Approximately 12” x 10” x 3.5” when fully assembled, so it would look great on your mantle or desk at work.

The set is manufactured by BRXLZ. I’ve got a few different helmet models of theirs and they look pretty great. But be advised the pieces are smaller than what you would find in a Lego set or something like that, so be organized when you put it together or you WILL lose pieces. Keep that in mind for the little ones. The set retails for $80 and can be found by heading over to the link here.

The next item they sent along is pretty neat, as well, and that is a Michigan Wolverines Christmas sweater that not only lights up, but had a bluetooth speaker attached to it.

People say that Michigan fans are among the most irritating in all of sports, so why not lean into it and go all-out? You can even beam the fight song from your phone to the bluetooth speaker. This is probably going to a hit at the office holiday parties (as long as there is booze for the Spartans and Buckeyes at your job). The 100% acrylic and officially licensed sweaters retail for $90 and can be found here.

FOCO has products for not just the Wolverines, but many of your favorite teams. More of their products can be found at their official website.