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Must Watch: “The North Remembers” hype video for The Game will leave you with goosebumps

Michigan fans, nothing has been released with more fire by Luke than this right here.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Michigan Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s “The Game.”

Michigan versus Ohio State.

The Maize and Blue, the scarlet and grey.

Tomorrow is the 115th meeting in one of the biggest rivalries in sports.

No. 4 Michigan is traveling to Columbus to try accomplishing something they haven’t done since 2000, and that is win on the road against No. 10 Ohio State. The stakes cannot be higher than they are, both teams and fan bases want it so bad, and it will likely be one we talk about for a long time.

The talented Luke D’Mello created something here that will raise your emotion bar just a bit higher. He’s been doing it all year for Michigan fans and now we’re here, The Game. Warning: includes some adult language and intensity, please be advised.

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