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Thursday Morning Brews: Back in the saddle again

We’re talking hockey and football in this edition of Brews.

NCAA Hockey: Frozen Four-Michigan vs Notre Dame Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

I’m back! Filling in for ClevelandJames that is.

He will be back in the saddle again on Tuesday.

Today, we’re going to talk football and hockey, with the song reference in the title being revealed at the end of the article (turn up the volume).

Let’s get to it!

Hockey Rematch: Michigan - Notre Dame

Michigan and Notre Dame met in the Frozen Four last season, where ND broke the hearts of Michigan in the final seconds, winning 4-3. The game looked destined to go to overtime, but an unexpected breakaway goal transpired. The luck of the Irish, I suppose.

The 2018 version of these teams will go head to head on Friday and Saturday night in Ann Arbor at Yost Ice Arena, with both games starting at 7:30 PM.

ND is currently ranked No. 6, while the Wolverines sit at No. 14.

Per mgobue, “Michigan heads into the weekend holding opponents to an average of just 24.43 shots per game, the lowest average in the B1G and the 10th lowest in the country. Offensively, Michigan is peppering opponents with 35.29 shots per game, the fifth most in the country. That combination has led to Michigan outshooting their opponents by 76 shots this season -- the fourth highest margin in the country.”

With a sweep over Notre Dame, Michigan will certainly be trending in the right direction. I encourage you to keep tabs on the hockey team throughout the season, just as you do the basketball and football programs. Michigan hockey was the real deal, and they will continue to be with a rock solid coach in Mel Pearson.

Dr. Blitz up for prestigious award

Michigan defensive coordinator Don Brown is in line to win some serious hardware.

How is Don Brown not the top assistant coach? I’m sure there are worth candidates, but I’d encourage said candidates to watch what the Michigan defense has done during the Revenge Tour, and then look at how they are the No. 1 defense with eye-popping statistics aplenty therein. The other candidates have to be going, “Damnit, Don Brown’s gonna get it”

If Brown doesn’t win, I am going to be the first among the masses to demand a recount. Who’s with me?

Harbaugh shows love to his doppelgangers

Jim Harbaugh did something pretty cool on Wednesday.

It appears Harbaugh put up pictures he was sent of people dressed up as him on Halloween.

Among the pics there are dogs, babies, women, kids, grown men, all dressed in khakis with a Michigan sweatshirt and a hat.

This will be something these fans will always remember, and I found it to be pretty funny. The look on Harbaugh’s face is of the “I’m kind of a big deal” variety.

Well played, Harbaugh. You won Halloween, too.

Chris Ash can take a whoopin’ like a man

Rutgers coaches Chris Ash was asked about how Michigan destroyed them in New Jersey by a score of 78-0 two years ago, and Ash said “It is what it is. You know, nobody did anything out of line. It’s our job to play better, and that’s what we need to do this Saturday.”

In a day and age where everyone wants to cry foul for the other team running up the score, Ash chose to do the opposite. His mentality seems to be of the “if you don’t like them scoring, stop them from scoring” mindset. I can dig it. And that concludes all the good things I could possibly say about Rutgers at this moment in history.

Bonus points if you got the song right for today: