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Jim Harbaugh just beat Nick Saban on signing day for top safety Dax Hill, and that’s a big deal

It’s a good day to be a Michigan Wolverine

Michigan v Utah Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

The recruiting trail is about as unforgiving and unpredictable as the wild west. A couple months ago Michigan received a big time verbal commitment from 5-star safety Dax Hill, the top safety in the 2019 class and the No. 8 overall prospect.

But just two weeks ago Michigan was dealt a big blow when Hill flipped to Alabama. Fans freaked out, pundits had ammunition to say the Michigan program can’t land the biggest recruits and compete with the top dogs. Well, that narrative is now dead for the 2019 recruiting class.

Dax Hill is back, he committed to Michigan on Wednesday morning.

According to Isaiah Hole’s sources “there was a concerted effort by Alabama to push the narrative that Harbaugh & Co. would be out this offseason to secure his commitment.” Clearly those rumors were a lie, and Hill must have realized he was fed info that wasn’t true.

Whatever the main reason was for Hill flipping to Alabama wasn’t good enough to keep him from ultimately deciding to play for the University of Michigan.

This is a major win for Jim Harbaugh and all those who helped recruit Hill. Michigan’s 2019 recruiting class jumped from No. 9 to No. 6 because of the commitment and the Hill commitment presents a big time win against Nick Saban and Alabama.

Yesterday Jim Harbaugh said there would be ‘some fireworks’ on signing day, and he wasn’t lying or exaggerating. Hill will have to earn his keep at U-M but he looks like a game-changer at safety.

Hill is the kind of recruit the solidifies a recruiting class. I’d go so far as to say that Hill committing to Michigan, in the manner he did, defines the 2019 class. You won’t be hearing about how Michigan lost out on this player or that player, now all the headlines will be about who Michigan actually landed and how the class was one of the best in the nation.

Hill is also the type of recruit that helps Michigan gain momentum for future recruiting classes. Good vibes radiate, recruits like positive chatter about the university they are considering committing to. Hill’s commitment has provided good vibes and positive chatter.

Hill flipping back to Michigan is a statement to ‘Bama and the rest of the top flight programs. The message? I’ll let Michigan’s Director of Recruiting Matt Dudek sum it up.