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Jim Harbaugh: “I’m staying at Michigan”

The head man sought to put down these rumors once and for all.

Wisconsin v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Surprising absolutely nobody in the Michigan football orbit, Jim Harbaugh didn’t mince words when talking to ESPN about the recent revival of rumors surrounding his future plans.

It’s an annual tradition of the jive turkeys, starting baseless rumors of Harbaugh’s impending departure for seemingly greener pastures in the NFL.

Now, I can already hear the comments being written: “BUT CRIS CARTER SAID HE GOT GOOD SOURCES ON THIS.”

I know, he did. Michigan insider John U. Bacon tweeted at the time, “Now might be a good time to review the difference between reporting and guessing -- and also, perhaps, the distinction between actual journalism and completely baseless self-serving click-bait bullshit. Just a thought.”

Warde Manuel just a couple days later said, “I would say consider the source of the comment. Cris is very accomplished in his life, but he went to the school down south. We tend to throw out things like that — sources said, my sources. Listen, I have not missed any sleep. Jim has not said anything to me about it. . . . So from my perspective, it has no validity at all.”

And now, just in case anyone was thinking this was in any way something that might happen, Harbaugh has said to ESPN, “This is a choreographed message that comes up at this time every year before signing day. It’s people spreading messages to further their own personal agenda. But I’m on record right here, right now: I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying at Michigan. We have big plans here, and there’s a lot we want to accomplish.”

Bacon has shot it down, Manuel has shot it down, and now Jim Harbaugh has shot it down.