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Calvin Anderson bowls with Tim Drevno, tells where Michigan ranks on his list


Rice grad-transfer Calvin Anderson is a highly sought after commodity these days. The offensive tackle has had official visits to both Texas and Michigan, but most teams go and visit Anderson in Houston. For example, coaches from Oklahoma, Auburn, TCU, and Michigan all spent time with Anderson on Wednesday.

Michigan offensive coordinator Tim Drevno and Anderson went bowling. Last week, the pair played TopGolf, where Drevno came out victorious. This time around? “I edged out today. I beat him twice,” Anderson told Maize ‘n’ Brew. Anderson jokingly said they probably need to play a third sport and settle the tie-breaker at this point.

“It was nice getting to see how competitive he is, I could imagine that coming out on a game day.” Anderson said.

While it’s no sure thing Anderson winds up playing for Michigan in 2018, he said he has really enjoyed getting to know Drevno. And when asked if he is leaning towards any school more than others right now Anderson said “Michigan and Texas are certainly at the top of things.”

Only time will tell if Michigan will be at the top when all is said and done.