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Q&A with Michigan quarterback, PWO Kyle Grady

Grady is an athlete looking to make his presence known

While the focus at the quarterback position in regards to the 2018 Michigan recruiting class has been on Joe Milton, there’s another commit who is vying for a shot to compete. San Diego product, Point Loma High School quarterback Kyle Grady is an under the radar name who is hoping to make the quarterback competition interesting. Grady is a preferred walk-on.

The 6-3 175 lb quarterback is a dual-threat athlete rushed for 525 yards and 8 touchdowns last season, while throwing for 1,249 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Grady could very well wind up taking some reps at wide receiver, his speed for his height is impressive and may prove to be a valuable addition at more than one position.

Maize ‘n’ Brew recently chatted with Grady, and discussed a variety of topics.

Who reached out to you from Michigan?

“The first contact I had with Michigan was with Coach Harbaugh at the USD camp where he gave me the opportunity.”

What was the conversation like?

“I had introduced myself before camp started. I played some QB then took a couple reps at WR, then thanked him after for his time. That’s when he said he wanted to give me the spot as a PWO.”

What kind of coach do you think Jim Harbaugh is?

“The best thing about Coach Harbaugh is that you can tell as soon as you meet him that he loves what he does, and he loves football in general. His history speaks for itself, he is successful in what he does, but what tops it all is his passion. I’m ready to learn under him and absorb all the knowledge he gives me, and contribute in any way I can to help get us a National Championship.”

What kind of player are you?

“Physically, I’m a dual threat QB, I can get yards with my feet just as well as I can with my arm. Mentally, I believe I’m smart in my reads, confident in my abilities, and poised in or out of the pocket.”

Are you ready to compete? What is your mindset coming to Michigan? What are your goals?

“I’m ready as ever. My mindset is how any player’s mindset should be, I’m coming for a starting spot, because if I don’t get the starting spot, at least I pushed the other players I’m competing with to be that much better, which makes our team better as a whole. My goals are to quickly become family with my teammates and grind with them until we win it all.”