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Meet new Michigan receiver Mike Geraci: “They have been very excited about me”

A tall and physical receiver from New Jersey

With safeties coach/special teams coordinator Chris Patridge on the staff, the Michigan Wolverines have been heavily recruiting in New Jersey the past few seasons. This led to the Don Bosco Prep receiver Mike Geraci signing a preferred walk-on offer by U-M on Wednesday.

The 6-2 180 pound receiver spoke with Maize ‘n’ Brew last week about is offer, who recruited him, how he can fit in at Michigan, and other questions.

Q&A with Mike Geraci

Who recruited you the most?

“Coach Hastings, Coach Partridge, and Coach Mattison were my biggest recruiters.”

What was their overall message to you?

“Ever since they saw me at camp at Sacred Heart they have been very excited about me. Us Jersey guys have a reputation for being tough and sticking it out and they’re confident I can continue that.”

What kind of player are you?

“I’m a team player, at Don Bosco they put me in the slot a lot because I was the best blocker and I could seal off linebackers on sweep plays or dig them out on inside runs. I use a lot of technique in my routes and I know how to get myself open. I’m physical going up for the ball and I pride myself on being smart on the field.”

How do you think you fit with Michigans scheme/mentality?

“I think Michigan’s scheme is a great fit, they run a lot of 21 or tight end heavy sets which means that they have a run first mentality. When I visited for the Rutgers game, they kept motioning the outside receiver in to dig out the OLB or safety on inside run plays. The more successful you are with run plays, the more available play action plays are for big gains. We ran a lot of 21 and 12 personnel sets at Don Bosco so I have a lot of experience with this type on system and it’s something that I was very good at and that they trusted me with.”

What his talks were like with Joe Hastings (recently departed to Indiana State to be their receivers coach) when he was on the Michigan’s staff

“Coach talks a lot about creating an identity on the field which means sending a message through your actions but also letting your opponent identify that you are going to be on them all game. Coach Hastings believes in me and he knows that I can buy into the system and create my own identity.”