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Michigan’s a finalist for Calvin Anderson: “I want Shea Patterson to play”

Maize ‘n’ Brew interviewed Anderson shortly after his final four announcement

The final stretch is here for Rice grad transfer Calvin Anderson. The offensive tackle has announced his final four teams: Auburn, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Texas.

Maize ‘n’ Brew caught up with Anderson shortly after this announcement last night.

Anderson has narrowed it down to these four teams because of how they can help him prepare for the NFL. “I believe these coaches have the ability to coach me into being the player I need to be at the next level, fundamentally and physically,” he said.

Anderson said the people he has had the most impactful relationships with are Michigan’s offensive coordinator Tim Drevno, U-M Recruiting Director Matt Dudek, Texas offensive line coach Herb Hand, Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn and offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey.

“Coach Drevno is a huge factor. He’s a big reason. And Dudek, I know he’s not a coach, he’s a recruiting guy, but Dudek is a huge deal for me,” Anderson said. Anderson said he and Dudek will be friends for life and they speak to one another frequently. A lot of the time the conversations with Dudek aren’t even about football, they’re about life.

Drevno’s NFL coaching experience sets him apart from the other coaches Anderson mentioned, and that’s a big factor according to Anderson. “As far as technique, coach Drevno has experience in the NFL, so that’s a huge plus for him. Aside from he’s great and I can tell he really knows the game, so that’s a big one,” Anderson said.

Anderson also broke down what Drevno has to offer schematically, which has left him impressed. “From my conversations and meetings with coach Drevno... he’s an incredible offensive mind. He knows offensive lines really, really well. I think he has a good idea of schemes. From what I’ve seen I think he’s a great offensive mind and it’s why I continue to talk to him and talk to Michigan.”

When it comes to Shea Patterson, Anderson said everything he’s heard has been positive in regards to Patterson being eligible to play in 2018, while adding “I’ll leave it at this, I want Shea Patterson to play.”

We’ll update you on #AndersonWatch as the situation develops.