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WATCH: Georgia and Nebraska commits display disrespectful behavior on National Signing Day

Why did they do that?

CFP National Championship presented by AT&T - Alabama v Georgia Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

National Signing Day can be a great day for recruits, fans, coaches, and future teammates. There’s a lot of joy, these high school athletes are living their dream and will get to keep playing football at the collegiate level.

Many announcements are made with family all around the recruits, the vibes are nothing but love... you can feel the energy radiating through the television screen, infiltrating your mood and making it more positive.

But unfortunately not every recruit behaves in a high character manner. Two recruits in particular made head-scratching decisions, and it had nothing to do with the team they chose. It had everything to do with the teams they didn’t commit to.

Georgia recruit Quay Walker and Nebraska recruit Caleb Tannor both had hats on a table of their top teams. Both players did the same thing that is controversial, they threw hats of the teams they didn’t commit to off the table.

Here’s why this is kind of a big deal: The teams that Tannor and Walker threw on the floor were programs that spent time in their homes, had meetings with their families, spoke with many times in person and on the phone. The programs had a bond with these recruits, to varying degrees, but they showed these kids kindness in different ways.

It’s disrespectful to do what they did. Not to the fans, who are surely upset by it, but it’s disrespectful to the coaches who spent hours out of their lives, took planes and cars to see these recruits. There’s a much classier way to go about things.

Georgia coach Kirby Smart and Nebraska coach Scott Frost likely aren’t happy that their new recruits decided to behave like that. It’s a distraction that takes away from what the day is about.

Dozens and dozens of recruits today announced who they’d be playing for in college, and almost all of them made their new university proud. But it only takes a couple young adults throwing hats on the ground to make a writer say this type of thing should never happen on National Signing Day, nor should it be tolerated.

While what these recruits did wasn’t a good look, it still doesn’t give fans a free-pass to do and say hostile things at these players. Keep it classy yourself, fans.

But for all recruits, this day should be about love and high hopes for the future, not about throwing shade at a program you didn’t ultimately choose to play for. It’s unnecessary and hopefully this will be a mistake they can learn from.