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Hitting and biting: Former Michigan football staffer arrest details revealed

This. Is. Nuts.

Ilinois v Michigan

UPDATE: According to MLive’s update, Connolly is still employed by the Michigan Athletic Department, but has not worked with the football team since Michigan returned from the Outback Bowl.

On Monday, March 5, Fergus Connolly was arrested in Ann Arbor for suspicion of drunk driving after crashing an SUV. According to a report by MLive reporter, Darice Morgan.

Connolly has been with Jim Harbaugh for several years, one year at the 49ers, and two years together at Michigan. In San Francisco, Connolly served as Director of Elite Performance from 2014-2016, and has served as the Director of Performance Science as well as the Director of Operations for Michigan Football.

Connolly was found by Ann Arbor police standing barefoot in a snowbank with bloody feet and acting incoherent with injuries to his stomach and arms, in addition to the previously mentioned feet injuries.

Due to his slurred speech, the police officers had to look him up on the Internet to confirm his actual identity.

Connolly then threatened to put the officer "in a wheelchair." He then became verbally abusive by shouting obscenities. He then resisted arrest repeatedly and was restrained to a chair after attempting to "take a swing" at one of the officers.

Once in custody, Connolly was taken to the nearby University of Michigan emergency room for the aforementioned injuries he suffered during the vehicle crash. Connolly assured the accompanied police he would remain calm, but then attempted to get out of bed and swing at a present officer.

The police officers handcuffed him to the hospital bed for the protection of those attending to, or close by him. But that wasn't enough. While handcuffed to the hospital bed, Connolly sat up and grabbed a security guard by the throat and even bit a female lab technician.

While the university has yet to release an official statement on the matter, it is worth noting that Connolly has removed his previously held University of Michigan titles from his Twitter bio and recently announced in a tweet that he is pursuing a "new project.”

This is a developing story.