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Todd McShay reports some teams have taken Maurice Hurst off their draft board

That’s not good news

Cincinnati v Michigan Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

It’s never good news to be off the draft board of multiple teams, but that’s exactly what’s happening to Maurice Hurst, according to ESPN’s Todd McShay.

Not only have some teams taken Hurst off their board, but McShay also believes that Hurst could slip in the draft all the way to day three on Saturday, which are rounds four-seven.

“Because of the nature of his heart condition, several teams have taken him off their board. It’s a risk-reward issue, but he could fall into Day 3,” McShay said.

The key word here is “could” fall into day 3, that doesn’t mean Hurst should or will.

While I’m sure McShay did hear teams have taken Hurst off their board and that he could fall into day three, that nature of his heart condition isn’t precedent for Hurst to have a crazy downward spiral when it comes to his draft stock.

As previously noted, Hurst’s heart condition is the same as the one Panthers defensive lineman Star Lotulelei had at the NFL Combine, and Lotulelei ended up being drafted 14th overall.

Mel Kiper and Kirk Herbstreit have recently had much different assessments than McShay’s, as they both still see Hurst as a first round selection.

The odds of Hurst slipping all the way into the fourth round are extremely low. Teams will take a chance on Hurst far before then.

All it takes is 1 of 32 teams to take a shot on a player with a small medical red flag that has a high ceiling and tremendous college game tape. I still expect Hurst to be drafted in the first round. He’s been medically cleared. If his health was still in question, if he was still sidelined, the probability of him slipping in the draft would be much higher.

Also note that every team values players in different manners and their draft boards are a reflection of that. For some teams, one player may be really high up on their board, on a different team’s board, that same player may not even be on it.

This McShay report is one worth mentioning, but I wouldn’t put much stock into it. We’re only days away from me being proved wrong, or McShay being proved right.

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