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Khalid Hill prospect profile

Swiss-Army knife

Wisconsin v Michigan Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

The late rounds of the NFL Draft are used to take chances on players, to find diamonds in the rough, to draft a “project” player. Michigan fullback Khalid Hill falls into these categories.

After starting his career at U-M as a tight end, Hill became a highly productive fullback. More often than not, when there was a short-yardage situation for the offense, Hill was given the rock and he converted on third and short. In 2016, Hill scored an incredibly impressive 13 rushing touchdowns.

But how will Hill be used in the NFL? Not just as a fullback

“I know I have to be as versatile as possible,” Hill said. “You can’t just be a one dimensional guy in the NFL anymore. A lot of coaches asked me about my position, and I told them I’m an athlete, a fullback, tight end, running back, receiver, anything really.”

Hill had known visits with the Indianapolis Colts and Seattle Seahawks. Both the Colts and Seahawks would be perfect fits for what Hill has to offer.


The H-Back position is a hybrid fullback/tight-end. The H-Back can line up in the backfield, on the line, or be put into motion in various sets. run-block, pass-protect, rush, receive, all are things an h-back can do. Hill has the potential and ability to do all those things well at the next level.

Whoever drafts Hill will view him as a Swiss-Army knife, plugging him into the offense in various ways. Versatility can get a fringe NFL prospect drafted, and having been coached by Jim Harbaugh is a positive in his favor as well. Expect Hill to get drafted in round six or seven.

Not only can Hill become an H-Back in the NFL, he’s already shown he can be highly effective in short yardage situations. If NFL teams believe he can also be an asset on special teams, Hill will be on a practice squad come September at the very least.

The Basics

Height: 6-2

Weight: 263

Notable Stats: 16 career rushing touchdowns, 29 career receptions

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