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Michigan, Ole Miss release joint statement: Shea Patterson officially declared eligible

Now it’s for real

Mississippi v Auburn Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

There were reports yesterday that were highly promising in regards to Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson being declared eligible for the 2018 season, but nothing is official until the ink is dry on the paper.

The ink is now dry.

The University of Michigan and University of Mississippi released a statement a short time ago, and it’s official, Shea Patterson will be playing for the Maize and Blue in 2018.


“The NCAA Division I Council recently approved an amendment to transfer waiver guidelines for student-athletes seeking immediate eligibility following a transfer. This amendment was effective April 18, for transferring student-athletes who are seeking immediate eligibility for the 2018-19 academic year.

Following notification of this change, the University of Mississippi promptly reached out to the University of Michigan to discuss how these new standards could impact the University of Mississippi’s support of a transfer student-athlete’s desire to compete immediately at the University of Michigan. The University of Mississippi and the University of Michigan have worked together over the last several days in conjunction with the NCAA national office staff, and with a focus on the best interest of the student-athlete, to put forward a new waiver application. That new application was submitted this week by the University of Michigan and supported by both schools. The University of Michigan has withdrawn its previous waiver application and all associated materials in favor of this new, cooperative approach based on facts which all parties agree to. The waiver has now been approved by the NCAA and thus football student-athlete Shea Patterson will be eligible to compete in the 2018-19 academic year.

Both schools are ready to move forward and appreciate the assistance of the NCAA staff in bringing this matter to a resolution. While the process has been complex at times, the solution was simple -- two flagship universities and the NCAA staff working together with a focus on student-athlete well-being.”

What does the statement mean?

  • Shea Patterson is eligible to play in 2018
  • Michigan withdrew their initial waiver request, which Ole Miss objected to
  • U-M submitted a new waiver application earlier this week, and Ole Miss did not object, they approved of it, paving the way for the NCAA to approve of Patterson’s waiver
  • A new amendment for transfer seeking players was added on April 18th, and it sounds like that amendment helped Patterson gain eligibility.