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WATCH: Michigan team visits Normandy, emotions flow as they honor fallen heroes

Remembering an important blip in time

Michigan State v Michigan Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

The Michigan Wolverines football team is in France for their Spring trip. The team made plenty of stops in Paris, but the most impactful portion of their journey may have come on the shores of France.

The team visited the beaches of Normandy, where a bloody and crucial battle occurred in World War II, deemed D-Day. The United States and their allies overcame an onslaught from the German forces and captured Normandy, which was a pivotal moment in the war, it allowed the U.S. to move further into France and gave them a strategic stronghold in which they could dock ships and deliver supplies.

After the team visited the beach, they headed to the American Cemetery.

At the cemetery, things got a bit emotional.

Jim Harbaugh and his father Jack feel blessed to be at Normandy.

While the Michigan trips overseas may be over-reported and evaluated, this is news-worthy. The areas they toured in Normandy will forever be historic, and the events that make Normandy historic feature some of the bravest acts any American, any human have ever made. The acts represent decency and fighting for what is right in the highest form.

The lasting impact this portion of the trip has on the team will be a positive one that will stay with them long after their playing days are over.

Kudos to Michigan paying their respects. World War II wasn’t that long ago, but the events are becoming increasingly forgotten. U-M’s trip will have quite a few youngsters looking up information about D-Day, and will have people who forgot about the event rekindling their interests in the history of it once more.

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