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Ed Warinner: “I think we can be a very solid Big Ten offensive line”

The unit is trending in the right direction

Michigan offensive line coach Ed Warinner spoke with the media on Thursday, and he discussed how his unit is coming along.

“I like where we’re at, I like where we’re headed, we just gotta keep goin’,” Warinner said.

How the Michigan offensive line plays will heavily impact how the offense as a whole performs in 2018, and getting the offensive line to execute at a much higher clip than last season is a major goal Warinner and Jim Harbaugh want to reach.

Warinner has been with the team since January, and his impressions have been good when it comes to the work ethic and demeanor of his group. “Great group of guys, work really hard and they care. And I think they’ve really improved on what we’re trying to get done.”

While Warinner likes where they’re at, he’s not satisfied and realizes the OL has a long way to go. “We’re not a finished product at all,” Warinner explained. “But I think that everyone would say that there has been a lot of progress and the defense would tell you that. The offensive line would tell you that and the coaches will as well.”

While there’s plenty more room for improvement, Warinner gave his unit a B1G compliment, saying “I think we can be a very solid Big Ten offensive line.”

Michigan fans won’t have to wait much longer to get a glimpse at the Warinner coached offensive line, as the Spring Game is coming up on April 14th.