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Anticipation is high for Shea Patterson’s Spring Game performance

It will be the first time Michigan fans get to see Patterson play

Mississippi State v Mississippi Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

While it is just a glorified scrimmage, the Spring Game is a big deal.

For some, it is the truest to real game action some players have had in the Big House, and for players like transfer quarterback Shea Patterson, it will be the first time Wolverines fans get a chance to see him play in person.

No pressure.

Well, maybe a little bit.

Patterson is one of the most talked about transfer players in Michigan’s history, with many already assuming he will be the starting quarterback in 2018.

The thing is, nothing is given in the Harbaugh era, the job must be earned.

Through competition.

Dylan McCaffrey, Brandon Peters, and Joe Milton all will be trying to perform better than Patterson in the Spring Game and maybe make this competition a close one.

Patterson surely will be trying to impress the Michigan faithful and put together an impressive showing at the Spring Game.

The anticipation is high for Patterson’s performance.

One part that is tied to Patterson’s performance, is how the offense will look with him at the helm.

Will there be a pistol formation? More RPO? More spread sets?

Other questions pertain to the mental side of the game. How far is Patterson along when it comes to learning the intricacies of Michigan’s scheme? Does he have a good handle on the offense? Is he confident leading the unit?

We’re only days away from knowing the answers to these questions.

If Patterson has good command pre-snap and displays the ability to read the Michigan defense while making the right checks, that would be a positive development.

As of right now, it’s anyone’s guess how the Spring Game will go for Patterson, but football on a Saturday in April sounds like a damn good event worth keeping tabs on.

How do you think Patterson will fare in the Spring Game?