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Chris Webber to be Michigan honorary captain, accepts Harbaugh’s invite

A long time coming

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Arguably the biggest name on the Fab Five Michigan basketball team is getting some love from U-M over twenty years after his final game for the Wolverines.

Chris Webber appeared on WTKA 1050’s The M Zone on Friday and during the interview, Jim Harbaugh surprised Webber during the segment as a guest appearance and asked Webber a question he’s wanted to answer for a long time.

“I want to make an official invitation to Chris. Chris, I want you to be an honorary captain to the Michigan football team next season,” Harbaugh said.

Webber accepted.

“Coach, you definitely know that’s no problem and I’m honored. As you know and getting to speak to you over the years, I love what you’ve done with the program. Good luck and I will definitely be a part of it. I’ve followed you guys to Rome and all that good stuff. I heard you were going to Africa next year, I’ll try to jump into a suitcase with you guys. I would definitely be honored, coach, and you know I would do anything for you. Us number 4’s at Michigan, we have to stick together,” Webber said.

“You’re a Go Blue guy all the way, you can come with us, absolutely. You don’t have to go into a suitcase, either. You have to pick a game here,” Harbaugh replied.

It remains to be seen what game Webber will be an honorary captain for, but it’s kind of a big deal in the history of Michigan sports to bring Webber back in with open arms.

This is a nice story, and hopefully for U-M this leads to a victory on the day Webber is an honorary captain and speaks to the football team.