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Tuesday Morning Brews: Summertime Blues

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The dog days of summer are upon us, but there’s always something going on with Michigan football.

Michigan v Michigan State Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, folks. Welcome to Morning Brews.

The dog days of summer are upon us, but each day of summer is a day closer to Don Brown letting loose his “pack of talented defenders on the Big Ten, and a day closer for all of us to bark at the referees for pass interference every time Michigan receivers drop a pass.

That being said, the long summer provides writers like us ample time to break down the Wolverines, and dig up storylines for you to follow. So paws your re-runs of The Bachelorette (R.I.P. Jordan and David, you will be missed), and read Morning Brews. Fur real.

Michigan’s defense is going to be scary good, again. That’s not quite how Nick Baumgardner over at the Free Press puts it, but you get the point. He chalks it up to the consistency of Don Brown and the talented roster. “With rare exceptions, Brown’s 26-game run at Michigan has produced eye-popping defensive numbers put together by elite talent across the board. In 26 games, Brown’s Michigan defenses have given up 400 yards twice. During that same stretch, 16 opponents have been held to 300 yards or fewer.”

Michigan’s offense is going to be ???. Also from Baumgardner, the offense has some question marks. He sums up the Wolverines’ offense by saying, “After watching Michigan’s offense struggle through fits and starts for the better part of a decade, some supporters are left with nowhere else to turn. It has to be better now, because it can’t be any worse. This latest round of change has to work, because another massive upheaval without stellar results just wouldn’t be bearable.” With the opener against Notre Dame, we’ll find out very early in the season what sort of offense the team will have.

O-Line uses last year’s criticism as motivation. According to Anglique Chengelis over at the Detroit News, the O-Line is ready to fight people — on the field, that is. Chuck Filiaga recently told her, “With everybody coming out and blaming the O-line last year, this year we’re just tired of all that nonsense talk blaming it on one group of people. It’s a team effort and right now, this year, our offensive line is pissed off. We’re tired of people blaming us. So we’re going to come out and smack people in the mouth.” For the full story, check out the link above.

Mike Martin doing good in the neighborhood. Mike Martin was a beast coming out of Detroit Central Catholic. At Michigan, he recorded 172 tackles, 25 TFLs, and 10 sacks on the defensive line en route to two second-team All-Big Ten honors and being selected in the third round of the NFL Draft. While Martin’s pro career is still ongoing (currently a free agent, 68 tackles and 4.0 sacks in three seasons), he has begun to give back to his community in Detroit. For more on the low-cost football camps Martin runs, check out the story above.

Interesting. Given the Wolverines haven’t won the Big Ten outright since 2004, 4-to-1 odds seem pretty favorable. At the same time, this might be one of the best defensive units to patrol the Big House in a while, and if Shea can be Shea and Donovan Peoples-Jones can.....ahhh football season can’t come quick enough, even if all our hopes of anything significant are dashed by early October.

Gotta sprinkle a little basketball in here. Although Moe Wagner only scored eight points and shot below 50 percent from the field, the former Michigan center flashed his athleticism against the Chicago Bulls in the NBA Summer League. Wagner had two rim-rattling dunks and looks fluid enough to be a mainstay in the Lakers’ rotation this year.