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Karan Higdon looking swole and ready to roll in 2018, offers up some predictions

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Michigan has one confident running back heading into the 2018 season

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Michigan Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan running back Karan Higdon showed up to his Big Ten Media Day Q&A session in quite possibly the coolest suit out of anyone in attendance at the event, and the confidence he had was evident. Higdon was feeling good, and feeling good about the 2018 Wolverines football team too.

Articulate and to the point, Higdon gave some predictions about the 2018 season, two of which would lead one to assume if these boxes are checked off, Michigan will be having a fine season.

First up, 1,000 yards rushing for Higdon. Last season Higdon almost hit that illustrious mark, falling just short with 994 yards.

“That’s everything, I got a taste of it,” Higdon said.”I look at it as a kid in a candy store when you lick a little lollipop and you want some more. I tasted that 1,000 yard mark, I’ve played with it, and I want nothing more than to achieve that and I definitely have a platform to do so, and the respect to do so, and I will do so, and we’ll be having this conversation at the end of the year smiling about how I did something great.”

Higdon’s prediction comes with a lot of work attached to it, Karan said he has bulked up a lot and that he’s one of the strongest players on the team, stating that he’s gained 16 pounds this off-season and weighs 205 pounds at the moment.

The new, more swole version of Higdon is looking forward to the year, and when asked about what he looks forward to the most in regards to facing Notre Dame to start the season Higdon said “I’m looking forward to the victory, that’s the only thing I can look forward to because that’s going to propel us to the next week, and that’s going to mean we are one step close to achieving our overall goal, which is a National Championship.”

Higdon is glad they are playing a big time team to start of the year like Notre Dame because playing a good opponent will immediately identify the type of team Michigan is in 2018.

The final prediction Higdon gave was about quarterback Joe Milton, who Higdon said “is going to leave a complete legacy at the University of Michigan.” That will be good news to the ears of Michigan fans, as it sounds like the quarterback room is shaping up to be a solid one for the 2018 season and for the years to come.