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Tuesday Morning Brews: But why

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Does the FBS need an injury reporting system? The Big Ten thinks so

Cincinnati v Michigan Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, folks. Welcome to Morning Brews. Today’s Brews are a little abbreviated given the looming July 4th holiday. Much like what will be served at millions of barbecues tomorrow, you could call today’s installment Brews Lite.

Despite the shorter format, we’re all about football this morning—from Mike Zordich and the Michigan secondary to a potential new impediment to Jim Harbaugh’s habit of not divulging updated rosters, two-deeps, and injury reports.

Let’s get to it:

Zordich’s methods get results. Michigan has been excellent in the secondary the past few seasons. Nick Baumgardner says, “In fact, since Zordich arrived as an original member of Jim Harbaugh’s staff in 2015, Michigan has finished no less than No. 3 nationally against the pass. He has refused to sugar coat anything during that time.” For how Nick thinks the secondary will shape up this season, check out the link above.

Cade McNamara compares his game to Patterson. Aaron McMann over at MLive recently spoke to Cade McNamara, Michigan’s 2019 four-star QB recruit. McNamara said of Shea Patterson, “I feel like just our style of play is very similar. We’re both sort of the same size. Both really the same weight. Plus it’s easy to compare to him just because we have the same sort of mentality with the game.” For his full comments, check out the link above.

This is an interesting one. With the way being cleared for states to legalize sports betting, the Big Ten wants to require the whole of FBS to institute an injury report system akin to what the NFL does. The above article argues, “Such a move would alter one of the most ingrained and long-standing traditions in college football -- coaches concealing injuries. From the earliest days of the sport, the decision to release such information has typically been made by the coaches themselves, sometimes flying in the face of fair play and transparency.” We’ll see if anything actually comes of this.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Single game tickets for the upcoming football season are now available on the athletic department website. As of me writing this, tickets are still available for the games against Western Michigan, SMU, Nebraska, Maryland, Wisconsin, Penn State, and Indiana.